The Temperate Zone ~ One for Angela

 Here is another kawmik based on the theme of the last one. Here we explore a difficult decision one small flower has to make regarding his friends and his future. Let's take a look!
I made the printed version small, and pocket sized to try and get into the Distroboto.  Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy it!

The Temperate Zone

This is a comic I just finished about a tree in a strange land.  It is based on a pre-existing story that I love, with some light tweaks.  I thought I'd go all hand drawn with this one, then color and text digitally.  I like the way it turned out, I hope you do too.

Well, it's been a while.  I've been out fighting dragons and raising sweet potatoes for sometime now, and let me tell you, it's a full time job.  And now that it's getting cold, and I can only grow a couple potatoes inside, I've got some free time and headspace.  So I've been able to lightly dabble in the other half of my brain.

Here are a couple drawings from my sketchbook.  Trying to dust off the cobwebs and find a solid train track.

First drawing in MONTHS!

This is an angry tree.  I like the stories my friends came up for 'her'.  She attracts little kids with her beautiful fragrant flowers, and then eats them!  Or maybe tell them riddles, the pretty flowers being the prize for facing one's fears.  I love the imagination.

I thought about writing a comic about squirrels, so here are some character sketches.  I don't know if I'm fully hot on the idea.. There are already some pretty good squirrel stories out there.  I do love them critters though!

Recent string of tats.

This is for an old friend of mine.
A winking gargoyle with a peace sign.
She didn't like the head, so we rounded it up!

This pen is very dear to me.

For my sis.  We might play with the colors a bit, but I like this version, so I thought I'd share.

Well, expect more because the flood gates are starting to leak.  It feels like such a relief to get some insane sanity back.


History like you were never taught ~ The untold story of the undead oratory!

History is boring.  And so, Why not spice it up a bit?!  Throw in a little zombie attack, pepper it with stretched truths, and toss in a bit of outlandish religious magic, and bang! Now you have some history worth reading about!  (Mind you, there is still some real truth here.) 

And if it tickles your fancy, you can purchase a print of the full poster to read on your wall at home here at My Etsy for the poster!



GLN's CD Design

Over the past couple years, I've had the awesome chance to work with the kick ass band The Good Luck Number.  I've been doing gig posters for them, herehere, and here. Now, I'm excited to say that they have a new CD out, and guess who they asked to do the artwork for it?  That's right, Yours Truly!

So, being as the album was to be called "Rambler" we came up with the idea of including a beautiful rambler house.  I then snuck in the second rambler there, the wandering musician. ;)  We went through a couple of different ideas for the front cover, and a few for the CD itself.  I'll post all the variations below so you can see the process, and a few of the ideas.

CD Cover!
Back of cover

The poster for the CD release party! Yay!!

They turned out great.  And thanks for the signed copy, boys.

Here's a bit of the process we went through to get the final images.

This was the original sketch of the
house for the front cover. They loved
 it, but I wanted more.
So, I added some color and some details...
Then, we tried another version without the For Sale sign.
This image of the back was a hit from the start,
we just needed some real song titles, of course.  ;P
They liked this first idea for the CD,
but it didn't seem to have enough character...
I brought back the hobo for some character, but
the guys thought he was a bit dirty for their liking.
That's understandable. Hey, I had to try!
So we sat him down and put him into contemplation..
What pray-tell, do you think he's thinking?
Well, it was a fun project,
and I can't wait for the next!
Good luck, guys. You've got my number.

White Raven

This is a story that I am calling a "new Native American story". I have always loved the old stories about raven and coyote, the lion and the mouse. These stories are pure, creative, and the main characters are almost always animals. We are able to read certain characteristics into these animals; strength, courage, and mischief, in order to learn something about our human nature. In this story I'd like to suggest a different way of viewing the world rather than a moral about character. We could all use a little more color in our world.

Drink and Draw Montreal posts

I have been invited to contribute to the wonderful illustration website Drink and Draw Montreal!  I've decided to do a little sketchbook diary about being in Montreal.  This city is beautiful for drawing!  There are old buildings, and young women, fast cars, and slow falling snow.  I can't wait to see where this goes.  Come on, let's go see my first post, it's all about my new found passion for ice skating!

Me in Montreal, A sketchbook diary